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Arundhati Roy

Attivista-Scrittrice Arundhati Roy in Zuccotti park New York

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Alice Paul (1885-1977) & Margaret Fell (1614-1702)

Raised in a Quaker famil, Alice Paul-the 1900s sufragette- showed a strong sense of purpose, a determination that I belive came from the very nature of Quaker practice. 
The first Quakers lived in mid-XVI century in England and like others dissenting protestant groups of that time broke away from the established Church of England. From the beginning Quaker women played a great role in defining Quakerism, as a matter of fact, one of the founder was a woman Margaret Fell known as "The Mother of Quakerism", a traveling Quaker minister for sometimes, in 1664 she was sentenced to life imprisonment and the loss of her house for allowing Quaker meetings to be held in her home. She defended herself by saying: "As long as The Lord blessed her with a home, she would worship him in it.". During the four years she spent in prison she wrote a pamphlet on women religious leadership "Women speaking justified"  a careful exegesis of Scriptures in which she mainteins the …

Politics of Hope

"People don't take stock of how much the world has changed, they can become attached to their powerlessness and all too comfortable with despair. If you tell people that they can't change anything then it's safe for them to go home and watch sitcoms. But if you tell people that they're responsible for what the world is like, they have to do something."

The politics of Hope is THE answer to the politics of Fear. Is the only Practice that could undermine the pervasive feeling of distrust and renounce that many of us display in their daily jobs. Hope, like Faith, is a driving power, a source of energy and strength, it gives you vigour and desire to act. When Hope is on your side, you feel you can have an impact on the world around. Hope is such a great thing! No wonder it is so little valued: then you need to shift from that very comfy position of the poor victim to that of the powerful doer. FiorellaCarollo

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Indonesian Heroine

Indonesian Women's Emancipation : Not only Kartini 


From Darkness to Light titled this year edition of Ubud Writers and Readers Festival to honour R.A. Kartini the well-known Indonesian heroine. After Kartini died aged 25 (1879-1904), Dutch Abendanon collected the many letters Kartini wrote to her pen friends in the Neatherland in which her deep insights about women rights, education and emancipation stands out and have continued to be inspirational to many modern Indonesians. That collection bears the meaningful title of From Darkness to Light. R.A Kartini has gained her status as National Heroine thanks to Sukarno who declared 21st April, her birthday, national holiday but she is not the only Indonesian to be such a remarkable woman. Many unsung indonesian women deserve such a recognition. Like West Sumatrans Rohana Kudus (1884-1972) first Indonesian female journalist and Rasuna Said (1910-1965) first Indonesian woman Min…