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Menstruation is Ok

Women of Victoria, Australia,  "The Waratah Project"  exploring menstruation and menopause  in  a positive and contemporary context

Let's change the pattern of shame and teach the next generations to be authentic, confident and unapologetic about their biology.

Fiorella Connie Carollo

Whaauu, kudos to this project and all the women behind it!
What a beauty,  what a vision,
Thanks to you spunky Aussie women
Such timing in bringing the project to the attention of the whole world
I bet times are ripe for  giving it a thorough welcoming

How did I get to know about the Waratah Project
being Italian and not Aussie and being in Bali?
I was introduced to the project by Belinda in
a swimming pool on a late Friday afternoon in June.
I was relaxing and she was taking a break from a
five-day workshop "Mother  daughter  coming of age" led by
Janoel Liddy  which sound extremely interesting...
that's how our conversation started and then moved to
my current interest in Bali: …