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Dear Vandana

“I practice what I believe in and I’m giving”

Fiorella Connie Carollo “I’ve never built my reputation, I’ve just done what needed to be done. I’ve lived by my consciousness and I’ve lived a life of integrity and practicing what I’ve believed in…and I’m giving. Of course this has seemed as a big threat to a system that doesn’t believe in integrity that buys whatever you want: you want a journalist you buy a journalist, you want a scientist you buy one, you want a politician you buy a politician. So when everything is bought they cannot deal with someone that doesn’t buy and sell but give.” That’s Vandana’s answer to my question how was she able to become one of the ten most influential people in Asia considering that at the starting line all she got was being highly educated and having a family that supported her but, on the other hand the downside was her being a woman and an Indian. How did she manage not being crushed or overwhelmed by what she call the “system”, meaning the giant foo…